Baker County YMCA
Phase 2 Plan

Face covering requirement effective July 1st 2020.

Are you required to wear a face covering?

As a business listed in the governor’s order, upon entering the facility, you are required to wear a face covering. A face covering is a cloth, paper, or disposable covering that covers the nose and mouth. This covering is to be worn when you are inside the facilities EXCEPT during times while exercising. Social distancing guidelines of 6 ft are still required and enforced with the face covering addition. We are also continuing our cleaning and safety practices to protect the health and wellness of all who enter our facilities.

To read the governor’s requirements in their entirety Click Here.

Fitness Center

Weekdays: 5:00 AM – 1:00 PM & 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM (Closed from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM for cleaning)
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM (No closure for cleaning)
Sunday: Closed

Building Usage Restrictions
To be able to reopen, the following building usage restrictions will be in effect to comply with the guidelines created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, State Departments of Health and Human Services, and local health departments.

Entering/ Exiting the Facility
-Members with symptoms of illness, or known exposure to a person with COVID-19 infection within the previous 14 days, are prohibited from using the facilities.
-New memberships are welcome. Use of Guest Passes and Day Fees will be available for purchase. Out of town Y members will be able to utilize our facility at this time.
-Facility usage is based on a first come, first served system.
-Max capacity for each workout area is posted and members need to abide by the posting for the safety of all.
-Members wishing to use the facility in an area that is at max capacity will need to wait in their vehicle until space is available or return at a different time.
-Members are required to check-in at the Welcome Center and check-out at the exit door.
-Members are directed to apply hand sanitizer when arriving and departing facility.

All Workout Areas
-Six (6) feet of distance must be maintained while working out and at all times.
-Bath towels and sweat towels will be unavailable at this time. Sweat towels are available for purchase at the Welcome Center.
-All members must wipe down equipment before and after use.
-Staff will be present to ensure equipment is being properly wiped down and sanitized.
-Touch-free water bottle filling stations will be available for use.
-Personal training is available. Trainer and client must maintain six feet of physical distance and if close contact under six feet is required, trainer and client must both wear face coverings. Trainer and client should use hand sanitizer immediately before and after appointment.

Studio 1 & 2/ Free Weight Area/ Cycling Studio
Areas are posted with maximum capacity signs. If area is at maximum capacity, members will have to wait to use the area.

Locker Rooms
-A maximum of 8 people are allowed in the Fitness Center locker rooms following social distancing guidelines.
-Locker/changing area now open with a maximum of 4 people in the changing area.
-Showers are open with a maximum of 2 people utilizing the showers following social distancing guidelines.
-Laundry service will not be available. Please bring your own towel or you may purchase one from the Welcome Center.
-Members are directed to wash their hands after using the restroom.
-Members are asked to alert the YMCA Staff of any excessive mess or supplies in the locker rooms.

Indoor Track
Six (6) feet of distance must be maintained while using the track. Lane 2 will be restricted from use. Equipment placed around the track area can be utilized.

Group Exercise Classes
-Group exercise classes are available on a limited basis as posted on our Facebook page and Website. We will continue to monitor and update offerings depending on government restrictions and available resources.
-Group fitness classes will be held at the Y gym, indoor as well as in the grassy area north of the gym, based on class format and weather permitting.
-Six (6) feet of distancing must be maintained while working out. This is not only for the health and safety of everyone in the facility, but will also allow us to remain open and serving the community.
-Members are directed to apply hand sanitizer upon arrival and must wear a face covering while in the facility.
-Based on class format members are encouraged to bring their own props. This includes yoga mats, blankets and bolsters. We are unable to provide props at this time due to sanitation restrictions.
-All members must wipe down equipment before and after use.
-Members are required to check-in and check-out prior to leaving the gym.

How Staff Will Be Helping
-Staff with symptoms of illness, or known exposure to a person with COVID-19 infection within the previous 14 days, will not be allowed to work.
-All staff will be wearing face coverings. Staff will utilize hand sanitizer and hand washing. Gloves will be used when appropriate.
-Staff will be present to ensure equipment is wiped down in between members in each fitness area.

Moving Forward
In an effort to stay healthy and help stop the spread of COVID-19, Influenza, and other illnesses, we encourage everyone to follow the 3 C’s.
o COVER– cough (or sneeze) into the crook of your elbow or into a tissue that is immediately thrown away
o CLEAN– Frequently wash hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds or sanitizer
o CONTAIN– Stay home when you are sick until you have been free of fever.

We hold the health and wellness of our staff and members as our highest priority. We recognize that this “new normal” will be less than ideal, but we will continue to work with county, state, and national entities to ensure we are able to provide the safest environment for all that choose to use the Y. We will update you as new information becomes available and as additional Y services are once again eligible to be brought back.