For Parkinson’s and Other Neurological Disease Support

Helps with Neurological and Muscular disorders; it includes:

  • Free group classes
  • Books and DVDs available for checkout or purchase
  • One on One exercise sessions and coaching

Classes include:

  • Tai Chi
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Enhance Fitness
  • Aqua Movement – EZ Cardio
  • Other classes based on individual need..


Aerobic exercise increases oxygen delivery and neurotransmitters to keep our heart, lungs and nervous system healthy.  What types of exercise are best for people with Neurological Diseases? Aerobic and learning-based exercises could be neuroprotective in aging individuals and those with neurodegenerative disease. Programs that challenge our heart and lungs as well as promote good biomechanics, good posture, trunk rotation and normal rhythmic, symmetric movements are best.

Research has shown that participants who perform regular physical activity improve their gait, balance, coordination, flexibility, agility and energy to help manage Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological disease symptoms.


  • Forced-exercise is shown to improve motor function and has neuro-protective properties (tandem cycling, treadmill walking).
  • Dance may target specific Parkinson’s disease-related movement problems.
  • A program should incorporate at least 60 minutes of physical activity each week.
  • Program activities should be sufficiently challenging, but not so difficult that participants cannot complete the tasks.
  • A management program should incorporate elements of Cardiovascular/Physical Activity, Strength Training, and Balance/Neuro-motor Training.

The Stronger Longer Neuro Program is conveniently offered at the  Baker County YMCA  and includes classes such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Enhance Fitness, Swimming, and equipment such as treadmills and a track for walking.

For more information on the Stronger Longer Neuro Program contact our Welcome Center at 541-523-9622.