photo_20100513_ymca_seniors_0787_hrWe have a variety of fitness classes and programs that are appropriate for seniors including specialty programs such as SILVER&FIT® and ENHANCE®FITNESS as well as water aerobics which removes unnecessary impact on joints. Most of our group fitness classes offer modifications for those with special needs as well. A personal trainer can get you started on a personalized fitness plan and teach you the proper technique to make your workouts safe and effective. Tai Chi and Restorative Yoga classes can help restore flexibility and balance. No matter what your fitness level, the Y has something for you!

Here at the Y we have a focus on transitioning our members from illness to wellness. In order to help our members who are struggling with injuries, illnesses, or degenerative disease we offer specialty programs and seminars. We currently offer a Cancer Wellness program for those who are currently in cancer treatment or recovery. We also offer a variety of Health & Wellness Seminars throughout the year on topics such as Osteoporosis, Facia, Diabetes Prevention, and more. We are currently working with community partners to develop a Diabetes Prevention Program and a program for those who suffer from neuro-muscular degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease. We will post events such as these on our website Calendar as well as offer information at the Fitness Center and on our Facebook page.