restorative-yoga-class-announcement-10-16Sometimes called “the jewel” of yoga practice, Restorative Yoga was developed by the world-renowned yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar. Classes begin with gentle seated and reclined Hatha postures and often progress to standing poses intended to gradually build strength and balance. The experience ends with a few restorative poses and assumes a meditative tone.

Students use blankets, bolsters, and other props to completely support their bodies and relax muscular tension. With this support, organs and glands are saturated with fresh blood and nutrients, which enables the renewal and revitalization of tissue. Additionally, because Restorative Yoga is a mindful practice, patterns of  tension are observed non-judgmentally and then let go. This class will enhance a vigorous practice and revive endurance athletes; it is perfectly suited for  beginners as well as those with injuries or stubborn patterns of pain. Flexibility  is not required, though with a patient practice, will be cultivated.

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