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The Y is the BEST VALUE for your dollar in health, fitness and wellness programs for you and your entire family.  Whether it’s our Youth Sports & Fitness Programs, Special Family Events, Preschool, or Adult Fitness Classes – the Y is here for everyone.   No other single membership provides so many ways to strengthen your spirit, mind, body and community.

The Y is a cause for strengthening community. With a focus on developing the potential of kids, improving individual health and well-being, and giving back to our neighbors, your membership will bring about meaningful change within yourself and your community!

  • Access to our Fitness Center classes and equipment
  • Access to the Sam-O-Swim Pool lap Swim and classes
  • Lower fees on programs, and swim lessons
  • Access to our Indoor Track
  • Free WiFi

The Join Fee helps cover the administrative cost to your membership, membership card, processing fees, and account maintenance. This is a one time fee for our loyal members to begin a membership account as they start to enjoy the benefits the Y has to offer. If a membership has been inactive for 12 months or more the Join Fee reapplies.  The Join Fee is waived for Annual Memberships, Senior Memberships & Military Memberships.

*Corporate members have a 15% discount and Join Fee is waived. If fees are not paid by the company, members must sign up for bank/credit card draft.

**A military discount of 25% is given and the Join Fee is waived for Active Duty, Active Reserve, Veteran, and Honorably Discharged members. All military members must sign up for bank/credit card draft and show their Military ID.