12-36 Months old

Mom, Pop & Tot class.

Fun and positive gymnastics start little ones strong promoting coordination, strength, and flexibility, the fundamentals of gymnastics! Parent participation required.

(45 min – 1 class per week).

3 & 4 Years old

Fun and positive gymnastics circuit classes reinforce activities learned that promote coordination, strength, and flexibility, the fundamentals of gymnastics! Children at this age learn additional social skills; respect, patience, self-control and playing with others. Children are more physical at this age and they begin developing their concentration and sequential memorization skills. Class activities include; Beam & Bars, Parachute Play, and Tumble and so much more!!

(45 min – 1 class per week, Instructor/Student Ratio 6:1).

5 & 7 Years old

This class is orientated towards elementary age-children, children who have previously participated will build on the skill set they developed in the lower age classes, and make notable progress and hone existing skills. Class activities include Beam & bars, Tumble, and much more!

1 hour classes, once per week,  Instructor/Student Ratio 8:1

8 & 11 Years old

In response to YOU, we are now offering a gymnastics class for older students. The class will build and develop the same skills as the 5-7 class, although with new skills being taught and at a quicker, higher level. Students make notable progress and hone existing skills. Class activities include Beam & bars, Tumble, and much more!

1 hour classes, once a week, Instructor/Student Ratio 8:1

About the Instructor: Cindy Denne

Teaching Gymnastics has been a passion of mine for quite some time. It all started with my own children when they were very young. They were very active and enjoyed staying busy.  During the spring and summer months they rode their bikes and swam with me while I cross-trained for the Marine Corp Marathon. I soon found they needed a sport for the winter months.

There was a private gymnastics club in Annapolis, MD that offered both recreational and competitive programs for boys and girls. Perfect, I thought, so I quickly enrolled them. They began their classes and loved them. Within a few sessions they both were invited to join the competitive program and with that came driving to the gym 5 days a week.It was at this time, my passion for the sport began. After volunteering at a few open gyms on Friday evenings, I was offered a position as teacher and coach for both the recreational and competitive programs. How could I ever refuse.

I began teaching/coaching at Barlow’s Gymnastics in 1990 until we moved to Baker City in the fall of 1995. I taught/coached at Powder River Gymnastics and Main Street Gym, 1995 – 2003 teaching various recreational classes and coaching team girls. Through participation of the recreational classes, we found that we had some very talented young boys, so with both the interest and need, I developed and coached a competitive boys team as well.

I have been teaching snowboarding and skiing at Ski Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort since 1996. Some may know me from my 13 year career with Eastern Oregon Medical Associates from 2003-2016. I retired in November and was asked to rekindle the gymnastics program here at Baker County YMCA.

How could I ever refuse…  I’m back…

Did you know….

  • The Baker County YMCA provides over $50,000 in financial assistance each year
  • All YMCA programs and activities are only possible through the generous donations of community members
  • YMCA members receive discounts on all Y programs, including Gymnastics
  • The Y provides Child Watch to our Family Memberships, a Child Care opportunity for parents utilizing any of our services at the Welcome Center.