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Cycling: An overall cardio and fitness workout including strength training using stationary bicycles. This class offers varying levels of intensity for the different needs of participants. Beginners to advanced students are encouraged to  attend and will benefit from this class. 

Full Body Cycle – This cycle class incorporates elements of high intensity interval training, while targeting a full body workout in a gradual way. This cycling class includes “bursts” of intensity to help you push yourself to your desired level. A great class to help you get back into fitness.

Zumba: Fuses Latin rhythms and easy to follow aerobic dance moves to create a dynamic fitness class blending cardio and muscle-toning. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged. Ditch the workout and join the party!  

Zumba Gold: Offers adjustments for those needing modifications in exercise routine, or for those just beginning an exercise program. Combination classes offer extra modification support, while pushing those who want to go to the max.  



Core & Flexibility: This class will help you dig deeper in you core fitness through gaining knowledge of and strength/endurance of your abdominal, back and hip muscles. While working out you'll delve deeper into how to attain better joint, muscle and fascia (connective tissue) mobility and flexibility with exercise and both dynamic and static stretching. Using Piyo and therapeutic techniques in this fast paced class, you will come out with the ability to move more fluidly, efficiently and comfortably with work, play and everything in between! this class is appropriate for all fitness levels, as modifications to exercises are taught and encouraged as needed. 

Enhance Fitness: A specialty class to allow individuals to train for improvement in everyday activities, and for those dealing with chronic illness. Real life functional movement patterns such as twisting, bending, pushing, pulling, lunging and squatting are done in a safe, fun and creative way. Core training, balance and flexibility are all included to provide a well-rounded program. You will walk away feeling more confident to take on daily activities with more energy. This class is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels, and especially for those just stating an exercise program. 

Pound: A Rockout Workout! Channel your inner Rockstar with this full body cardio-jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing, and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. this class is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels!

Pump It Up: A full body workout that incorporates exercises from both traditional and non-traditional strength training and matches movement to music to create a simple, fun, and effective way to weight train. This class focuses on multiple repetitions using light weights, dumbbells and barbells to work major muscle groups. This class is interval based with cardio components intermixed. Routines cater to all fitness levels. 

Total Body Blast: This 45 minute class offers a variety of strength and endurance exercises similar to a boot camp. Includes a full body warm-up, strength training using a variety of methods including body weight, free weights, bars, and steps, and finishes with core work and stretching. Total body incorporates bursts of cardio into movements intended to help you increase intensity and maximize you workout. Modifications available for all fitness levels.  

TRX: TRX suspension training utilizes functional movements, used in everyday life, with major emphasis on stability, proprioception, strength and body weight-driven exercises. Suspension training is all about core strength and precise execution of the exercise being performed, and every class offers a different instructing style and format so that boredom is never an option. Challenge yourself to something new!


Tai Chi: A class that combines martial arts movements with circulation, breathing, and stretching techniques. Tai Chi has been tested and proven to be effective in decreasing the number of falls, the risk of falling, the fear of falling, and improving functional balance and physical performance. It's a targeted class that will teach the various forms of Tai Chi that lead to increased fitness and balance for the individual. This class is appropriate for all ages and all fitness levels, and especially for seniors.  

Beginner's Tai Chi: Focuses on balance and overall health and is ideal for those with no Tai Chi experience, or for those wanting a refresher.   

Yoga: Classes consist of traditional standing and seated postures that focus on strength, alignment, balance, and opening. Breath awareness and control are integral and therefore emphasized. Special emphasis on relaxation is included. All levels are welcome and encouraged.   

Multi-Level Yoga: A one hour practice with a short meditation, pranayama-breathing, warm up of gentle stretching, a brief vinyasa flow, and poses for strength, balance and flexibility ending with a traditional savasana restorative pose. This class is especially good for those who like to personalize their practice or accommodate special needs. Comfortable for beginners to experienced. Props and mats available. 

Restorative Yoga: A class focusing on yoga poses to reach deep breathing and relaxation, to help restore the body. Poses are held for longer than in conventional yoga. Props such as folded blankets and bolsters are incorporated, to relax the body, reduce stress, and allow focus on breathing   

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