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24-Hour Access Honor Code Policy

The YMCA has a strict honor code based on our values of honesty, respect, caring, and responsibility. If a member fails to abide by the policies established or follow member conduct guidelines, their 24-hour access and their membership will be revoked without refund. Violations of the Honor Code with trespassing, theft, and other crimes may lead to prosecution.  

As a member with 24-hour access, you may use the Fitness Center area of the Y at any time.* The Y will be staffed during normal operating hours. There will be no YMCA staff on hand after normal operating hours to assist members. After normal operating hours end, the following areas will be unavailable: 

  • Drop-in Childcare

  • Member Services and Offices

*Silver Sneakers, Renew Active, and Silver & Fit members may purchase 24-hour Access at their own expense.


Age Requirements
24-hour access is limited to adults, age 18 and older. Members who violate this policy may lose their membership privileges.

Guest Policy
Day pass guests are only allowed to use the YMCA during normal business hours when a YMCA staff member is on duty. No guests are allowed to utilize the 24-hour access.

Safety and Security
Please be aware that your personal access key/card is to be used only for your entrance into the facility. Members with 24-hour access cannot grant access to others, even if they are known to them. Granting access to another individual is grounds for immediate termination of membership.

For members to have the added benefit of the 24-Hour access program, the YMCA must have a photo ID secured on file. This is required for any member that wants to participate in the 24-Hour access program. 

The YMCA has a 24-hour video recording system for security purposes. It will be reviewed daily to address any security concerns and monitor who is entering the building. Please note that this system does not provide staffing assistance for any emergency that might arise. A telephone is located at the Member Services desk in case of emergency. In the event of an emergency dial 911.

If the Y loses power after normal operating hours, 24-hour access will not be available. 

Family Center Closure
The Baker County YMCA reserves the right to close Centers and 24-hour access as the situation warrants.

Access Code Entry
24-hour members must use their own access key/card for entry. In the event that your access code does not work, please call the YMCA during normal operating hours for assistance.  Please use the same entrance and exit location when enjoying the 24-hour benefit.  Emergency exits are available to use in the event of an emergency.

Late Or Unpaid Memberships

If you are not current on your membership dues you will lose 24 hour access privileges'. Once the account is current and overdue payments are paid your card will be returned to working order within 24 hours unless it is over a weekend then it will return to normal working order the following business day. 

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