Central to the Y’s cause, is Healthy Living through physical activity.

The Sam-O-Swim Center offers water aerobics and water in motion group fitness classes as well as daily lap swim times. If you prefer to workout without impact on your joints, the pool is the place for you!

Our Fitness Center is well appointed with a variety of weight and cardio machines and equipment. When not in use for group fitness classes, feel free to use a studio and its equipment for a more private workout. Head upstairs and get in a run or a walk on our indoor track. No matter your current fitness level, our Fitness Center will fit your needs. Set up an appointment with a personal trainer who can help you develop a personalized fitness plan and teach you proper technique to use the equipment for a safe and effective workout every time.


The YMCA’s Group Exercise programs engage members in fun and interactive ways to actively and positively impact their health. Designed to engage individuals in a supportive group setting, group exercise classes provide a variety of experiences that enhance social bonds and strengthen the community.

The YMCA’s Group Exercise instructors are highly trained to provide health seekers safe and effective exercise programs. Health seekers participating in YMCA Group Exercise programs have improved physical activity, enhanced overall well-being, and heightened self-mastery to stay motivated to participate and engage in physical activity over a sustained period of time.