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To complete enrollment in the Baker County YMCA 24-Hour Access program you must agree to and initial each of the following policies:

  • ____I agree that I am at least 18 years of age.

  • ___I hereby confirm that I possess the physical and mental fitness necessary to safely participate in any 24/7 access area exercise activity and/or properly use all the exercise equipment.

  • ___I will follow all safety rules regarding the use of equipment and clean any exercise equipment after each use.

  • ___I acknowledge that The Y will conduct a criminal background check on me using my personal information I have provided and that the results of the background check is strictly confidential. Should I fail the background check, I will return my membership card.

  • ___I acknowledge that use of the 24/7 access area is strictly for myself.

  • ___I will not invite or allow entrance to anyone, including friends, guests, family members or regular YMCA members to the 24/7 access area, even if I am present.

  • ___I will not allow anyone to use my 24/7 membership card to access 24/7 access area.

  • ___I understand I will lose my 24/7 access permanently for allowing access to anyone else and may possibly lose my YMCA membership.

  • ___Under sole discretion of The Y, my 24/7 access may not be granted or may be revoked at any time.

  • ___The Y is not responsible for any loss of my personal property.

  • ___I further agree to follow all YMCA member policies, including the health and Fitness Policies and Code of Conduct. I acknowledge there will be no security (other than cameras), supervision or assistance when using the facility outside of the YMCA staffed hours of operation.  

  • ___I acknowledge that if I am physically injured, become unconscious, suffer a stroke, heart attack or other personal injury, that there will likely be no one to respond to the emergency and The Y has no duty to provide assistance to me. Even though the 24/7 access area is equipped with surveillance cameras and should I require immediate assistance, none will be provided and calling 911 is recommended.

  • ___I acknowledge and accept the inherent risks of the activity of the 24/7 access. I have read all of the information contained in the agreement, and I have been given an opportunity to ask questions or request clarification about its contents.

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